Maynard House Apple Juice

Our family farm in Suffolk has been growing Top Fruit apples for three generations.  The heavy Suffolk boulder clay is just right for slowly growing rich, tasty apples, producing juices with such a deep flavour that a significant proportion goes to top restaurants and hotels for making meat sauces, marinades and desserts.

Paul, like his father and grandfather takes great care in growing the apples while Clive’s team ripens them ready for pressing small batches in the purpose-built facilities, located within the orchards.

Our apple juices are:

  • Cox & Bramley: Sweet then crisp
  • Egremont Russet: Rich and nutty
  • Discovery: Light and refreshing
  • Kidd’s Orange Red: Rich and sweet
  • Cox’s Orange Pippin: Sweet and honeyed
  • Bramley: Crisp and sharp


  • Apple & Raspberry: Raspberries from the farm
  • Apple & Elderflower: Elderflowers from the hedgerows on the farm
  • Tomato Juice: From the Isle of Wight
  • Orange and Clementine: From Valencia, Spain