At Williamson’s Fruit Farm we grow and produce:

Apples; Cox’s, Bramley’s, Gala, Russet, Kidd’s Orange Red, Jonagold

Pears; Conference, Comice, Williams

Strawberries; Elsanta

Raspberries; Autumn Bliss

Maynard House Apple Juice; Cox & Bramley, Russet, Apple & Raspberry and many other delicious tasting juices… see www.maynardhouse.co.uk  Multiple Great Taste awards since 2010

Christmas Trees and Decorations; Nordman Fur, Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce. see www.churchfarmshop.com

Church Farm Bed and Breakfast. Everything a B&B should be: Our family home offering a homely and relaxing place to stay. Our guest facilities are spacious, tastefully furnished, and include those little luxuries – Egyptian cotton bed linen and bespoke bath oils in our rooms. Delicious farmhouse breakfasts using home grown and local produce. We like to greet our guests with scones and home made jam or freshly baked cake. see: www.churchfarm-bandb.co.uk

Storage; Cold storage of apples and container storage


Paul Williamson and Clive Williamson run the businesses on the farm.

We have been raising apples since our grandfather Robert returned from New Zealand back in 1934 with the first Kidd’s Orange Red saplings ever to reach the UK.

Our father John took on the farm here in Suffolk after he left agricultural college in 1960 and still has an active role on the farm.

Paul is the grower and spends hours tending the Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Raspberries and Christmas trees. www.churchfarmshop.com

Clive manages Maynard House Apple Juice.  Apples from the farm are pressed in the purpose built processing facility on the farm. Clive took over Maynard House Orchards from Christopher Hardingham who began making apple juice in 1992 on the neighbouring fruit farm. www.maynardhouse.co.uk

Ruth runs the Bed & Breakfast from her home. Offering a homely and relaxing place to stay. www.churchfarm-bandb.co.uk

Church Farm Shop: Open from 31st November – 22nd December 2018

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees

We have been growing our own Christmas trees for the last 28 years here at Church Farm. Because they are growing right here where we sell them, they are cut at the last minute, for ultimate freshness.

The whole barn comes alive with their newly cut smell, and you can see they are still perky and strong, meaning that they still look perfect when they arrive at your home.

We grow two varieties: the Nordmann Fir and the Norway Spruce.

Nordmann Fir

This tree has thicker needles that it retains really well. This is the tree for you if you want to start Christmas as soon as possible!

Norway Spruce

This is the traditional Christmas tree that smells beautiful and has finer needles. The needles drop more easily in the warm so don’t bring it in too early. Perfect for those of you who enjoy Christmas packed into those special few days.

Visit: www.churchfarmshop.com

Christmas Decorations Open from 31st November – 22nd December 2018


We have beautiful wreaths homemade from Nordman Fir, decorated with holly, fir cones, clementines and limes.

Tree Accessories

We stock metal stands to hold up your tree and wicker tree skirts to add to it’s gorgeousness!

Handcrafted Decorations

Each year we pick out handcrafted decorations from various suppliers that we think you might like. Come and look!

Visit: www.churchfarmshop.com

Maynard House Apple Juice

Our family farm in Suffolk has been growing Top Fruit apples for three generations.  The heavy Suffolk boulder clay is just right for slowly growing rich, tasty apples, producing juices with such a deep flavour that a significant proportion goes to top restaurants and hotels for making meat sauces, marinades and desserts.

Paul, like his father and grandfather takes great care in growing the apples while Clive’s team ripens them ready for pressing small batches in the purpose-built facilities, located within the orchards.

Our apple juices are:

  • Cox & Bramley: Sweet then crisp
  • Egremont Russet: Rich and nutty
  • Discovery: Light and refreshing
  • Kidd’s Orange Red: Rich and sweet
  • Cox’s Orange Pippin: Sweet and honeyed
  • Bramley: Crisp and sharp


  • Apple & Raspberry: Raspberries from the farm
  • Apple & Elderflower: Elderflowers from the hedgerows on the farm
  • Tomato Juice: From the Isle of Wight
  • Orange and Clementine: From Valencia, Spain

Visit: www.maynardhouse.co.uk