Church Farm Shop: Open from 31st November – 22nd December 2018

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees

We have been growing our own Christmas trees for the last 28 years here at Church Farm. Because they are growing right here where we sell them, they are cut at the last minute, for ultimate freshness.

The whole barn comes alive with their newly cut smell, and you can see they are still perky and strong, meaning that they still look perfect when they arrive at your home.

We grow two varieties: the Nordmann Fir and the Norway Spruce.

Nordmann Fir

This tree has thicker needles that it retains really well. This is the tree for you if you want to start Christmas as soon as possible!

Norway Spruce

This is the traditional Christmas tree that smells beautiful and has finer needles. The needles drop more easily in the warm so don’t bring it in too early. Perfect for those of you who enjoy Christmas packed into those special few days.